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UrbanZee delivers a significant positive impact on air pollution in cities by building communities that collaborate with local governments, and measures cities in great detail to help it’s citizens make decisions to optimise their health and air quality.

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Air Quality is often a major problem in larger cities

Traffic pollution

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated in 2016  that 92% of the world population lives in areas with unsafe air. Living in such conditions significantly increases risk for diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular deceases, pulmonary diseases, asthma and lung cancers. In 2012, nearly 3 million early deaths worldwide were attributable to ambient air pollution.

“92% of people globally live in unsafe air”

World Health Organisation

Pollution in cities is a problem that is larger than an individual and for that reason we mostly delegate this responsibility to local, national and to some extend even supranational governments such as the EU.

Nevertheless, it is the actions of individuals, businesses, and governments that have lead us to the situation we are in, and our combined actions continue to make the situation worse. Our collective efforts caused this problem, and only our collective efforts can resolve it.

Our solution for better decision making

All the decisions we have made, have lead to the situation we are in. To make better decisions, we need to have access to the right information. Our solution can measure the air quality in specific locations in a city, regions of a city, or even entire cities. The air quality reports we provide contain sufficient detail to make the right decision.

Our reports facilitate answering questions related to industrial emissions, traffic emissions, agricultural emissions, and carbon emissions. These questions include: “Should I buy this house and live here for the next 10 years, when it is located next to this busy street?”, “What is the impact of electrifying a portion of the public bus fleet on air quality?”, “Is our factory polluting nearby neighbourhoods?”, or “What is the total carbon output of a city district and how does it compare to other districts?”.

Our solution for lasting change

Hyper-local social platform for
city-wide air quality information and change

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The solution to lasting change is creating actionable dialogues between companies, city-governments and citizens. Our unique gamification enables a meaningful dialogue by selecting the right citizens and influencers to be involved.

By providing detailed information to citizens that is relevant to them especially in relation to their health,  people understand the need for change. By providing them with the tools to make a difference for themselves and their community, people are empowered to contribute to a better future.

By providing detailed information to local governments and local companies, we enable these organisations to understand where and how to optimise for air quality in a city.

As the problem is truly larger than a single organisation or individual, our participation platform allows all players in the city to work together, either by providing support, ideas or even with a financial contribution.

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