First real-estate property measured: Turku castle

With the capability of being able to walk around to measure individual buildings, we decided to use Turku castle, which is a well known location in Turku. The castle is also located next to the harbour, which sees both freight as well as large cruise ships on a daily basis. As ships use a different type of fuel than cars do, and are of course larger, it is expected that the air quality at the harbour might not always be ideal.

Yesterday’s walk near the castle didn’t go as well as hoped, the device had some trouble, which meant that less data was collected than hoped. It nevertheless also showed that when measuring this way it is important to walk slowly enough to get a good density of data. The data that was collected did indicate pollution was present, which could partially be smelled as well.  This means, we will revisit Turku castle and do some proper measurements.

Walk around Turku castle 25 Jan 2018, 9:54 – 10:30