Turku-based Air-quality startup participates in international well-being hackathon

Well-being and health-care have traditionally not been supported by technologies other than those found in hospitality. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, and the rise of wearable computers, the combination with health-care and well-being has a tremendous potential.

With funding from the Asia programme within the ministry of education, the Turku and Tampere universities of applied sciences and Miyagi university in Japan are organising four well-being hackathons during 2018 and 2019.

“We are aware that air pollution is major problem in many parts of the world and especially in Asia, which directly affects well-being”, says Päivi Oliva from the Turku University of Applies Sciences, “as we had worked with a local startup focussed on the problem of air quality, we were interested in having UrbanZee involved”, she continued.

UrbanZee, a Turku-based startup, is developing a platform to measure the air quality of entire cities, and provide a participation platform for lasting change. “One critical component in providing air quality information is helping people to understand how this impacts their health and well-being, which differs per person, so they can make the right decisions” explains CEO Aschwin van der Woude.

UrbanZee provided the challenge to students to design a part of an App to track health symptoms in relation to air pollution and find a way to make this meaningful and interesting. “In our experience participating in these types of hackathons can generate a good amount of new ideas that we can use to further develop our services”, concludes van der Woude.

The first hackathon is organised in Sendai during May 2018, and UrbanZee has already indicated they might be interested in joining one of the other Hackathons organised jointly by the three Universities in Finland and Japan.

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