Salo air quality Summer 2018 report published

During Summer last year, in 2018, UrbanZee measured specific areas of Salo for nine weeks, which included Tupuri, Halikko, Viitannummi, Vanutehtaanmäki and the centre area.

Salo requested to measure pollution in these areas for two reasons. The centre, Tupuri and Halikko were known to contain larger amounts of traffic than other areas. And the second reason was Viitanummi, which houses the powerplant and it was expected that under common wind conditions its pollution would descent in or near Viittanummi.

Furthermore, Salo city was interested in measuring the difference between week- and weekend days, and patterns within data taken in the morning, noon and afternoon. Based on these requirements, UrbanZee planned a standard route to visit each area with its mobile sensor over the nine weeks of the project.

The data found that the areas with busier streets did some some observable somewhat elevated patterns of air pollution for some days, specifically Nitrogen Dioxide, but in most cases air quality was good. As for the power plant no clear air pollution patterns were found near the power plant nor in the areas were pollution would descent.

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