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We envision a world wherein human and economic activity is not in conflict with our natural environment, but is in harmony with it for any future generation.


Help people make informed decisions to improve health and air quality.


Continuing to pollute the environment will change it’s habitability for the human species. Not doing anything will and is resulting in severe problems for us. Nature itself will always survive, but we might not.

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We are located in Turku in Finland, and you can contact us using the details below:

UrbanZee Ltd.
c/o Grail Group
Vähäheikkiläntie 56 C 13, 
20810, Turku, Finland

Phone: +358 50 5676 665
Business reg.nro.: 3108079-5


Aschwin van der Woude
Clean Ecology Operative (CEO)

+358 50 567 666 5
Kalle Koskela
Chairman of the Board