The “We care for Air” ambassadors are the drivers behind the communities of change in various cities around the world. As an ambassador you are actively involved in making a difference in reducing air pollution in your city.  UrbanZee provides you the tools you need in addition to air quality information, and you will work closely together with the UrbanZee team and local partners and governments to make a lasting impact.

Our current “We care for Air” ambassadors

As an ambassador you can earn various badges and titles. Below is a list of our first ambassadors.

Initiate “We care for Air” ambassadors
    • Faizan Ahmad
    • Adam Samouelian
Pioneer “We care for Air” ambassadors
    • <None yet>

Becoming an ambassador

Great to hear you are interested in helping to change the air quality situation in your city.  By becoming an “We care for Air” ambassador you will be part of your local community and a combined global effort to make a difference making the world more liveable and sustainable.

Let’s work on this together, become an “We care for Air” ambassador