Business potential

Worldwide, there are over a thousand urban areas with more than half a million inhabitants, which in total constitutes over half the world population. While not all of these urban areas have significant air pollution problems, most do have problems and all of them have people concerned about their health or are sensitive to even minor air pollution.

We have a strategy that selects those urban areas with the highest profitability potential. Our technology is optimised and cost-effective for the various city-wide and local deployments we have available. Our grow strategy focusses on providing a scalable business model that will allow us to expand rapidly and also adapt to local needs.

Investment opportunities

We are an early stage start-up with investment opportunities for an angel investor or early-stage venture capital investor. We prefer an investor who is involved and collaborates with our  dynamic and ambitious team to help improve the world for all our future generations.

If you are interested, please  send us and email.