Products and Services

Localised social platform for city-wide air quality information and change

UrbanZee measures entire cities in hyper-local detail and sells such information and related services through a social platform that also enables change. We present air-quality information in a way that is easy to understand and also provide the necessary detail if people want to learn more. People will gain a deeper understanding on the effects of air pollution on their health and the environment, when using our products.

Services for Property Management

Research points out that “Eight percent of employees change a job as a result of
concern over workplace threats to health. But employer communication about workplace health risks was associated with less job change and less concern about indoor air quality” (Gucer, College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2003)

And when it comes to employee productivity, “the quality and quantity of work generated by employees are influenced by the work environment and poor environmental conditions can cause inefficient worker productivity as well as reduce their job satisfaction. “ (Mathews,, 2016, DOI:10.21275/v5i4.nov162579)

Our offering measures the air quality around and in a property, provide the necessary periodical reporting to management and employees working within the property, and provide recommendations to improve air quality within the work environment. These improvement will lead to higher job satisfaction, lower healthcare costs, and less employee turn-over.

This service also offers opportunities for brand development and PR-communication. Clearly communicating the care taken for the work environment and employee’s health enhances the company’s brand image and desirability as an employer.

Services for real-estate companies

Research shows that real-estate prices are affected by the levels of pollution around a property. We provide the following services for real-estate owners and real-estate agents:

  • Reports based on a snapshot measurement (e.g. the neighbourhood of a property)
  • Continuous monitoring with online reporting
  • Web-integration of air quality information

Services for local governments

Local governments do already measure air quality, but are limited by costs to measure areas in hyper-local detail. The equipment used by UrbanZee provides indicative measurements and covers the most commonly compounds used on air quality indices: Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Ozone (O3), coarse dust (PM10), fine dust (PM2.5) and ultra-fine dust (PM1) .

Services offered include:

  • Cost-effective and continuous city-wide measurements
  • Measure and report on specific areas of a city
  • Forecasts on air quality
  • Active daily air quality management (e.g. redirecting traffic around highly polluted areas)

Services for Startups

We have seen other Startups unnecessarily struggle, because they lacked the technical IT expertise in their team, to help understand what is possible or hard but worth doing. As a Startup ourselves, we have learnt a few lessons and we productised those lessons to be meaningful for other startups. Our CTO on Demand service, is a unique service for Startups and helps startup teams bridge these demands on technical IT expertise in their early stages of development, until they have found their own technical co-founder or hired the right expertise.

Deep dive Agile/Lean transformation of IT processes

Does your company work with inefficient, or perhaps even ineffective processes? We have noticed that such inefficiencies can sit on the boundary between technical teams and management. Or inefficiencies are within the team itself, and the people involved gotten used to the current way of working and are simply blind to it. Teaching technical teams to see such inefficiencies (waste) takes time, but is necessary for continuous improvement.

Our approach is to kick-start this process by doing a deep dive. Our experts actually join the team, and perform work for a period of time (e.g. taking on tasks as coders). Our experts will gain a deeper understanding on the way people work in the team, and how the team collaborates with other parts of the organisation. Based on this deep dive, our experts will provide solutions that work both for the team, and the organisation as a whole. This makes adoption easier, is faster to achieve than the top-down approach, and also helps kickstart a longer lasting lean transformation to instil the mindset of continuous improvement into the organisation.