Second real-estate property measured: Old Kakola prison

One of the areas being developed in Turku is the old Kakola prison. Not only are there many new residential building being constructed, the old prison itself is also being transformed for use by businesses.

In 2008, Turku’s waste-water treatment plant had moved from an outdoor location with open reservoirs, to become situated inside Kakola hill. As new residents might be concerned about the long chimney that is evidence of the presence of the plant, UrbanZee measured the area for the first time.

There is a lot constructions happening on Kakola hill, which could potentially show in the air quality data (e.g. building dust or fumes from electricity generators).  Likely because the measurement was taken in the evening, none of this showed.

The chimney from the waste-water treatment plant, located in the west-side of the measured area, was not visibly producing any exhaust fumes when walking past. It most likely it didn’t produce any at all. Or if it did, it didn’t show in the measurement. If Kakola would be measured more regularly and during other times of day,  patterns of pollution might be revealed.

Walk around Kakola, 10 Feb 2018, 18:55 – 20:50