Does the highway next to a local shopping mall impacts its air quality?

Pollution levels are always changing, and high pollution events are becoming more common in the world. According to Statistics Finland, Finland was showed that the number of households that use cars has increased, there are around 70,000 more households than in 2012. Urbanzee is an air quality data provider. We drive studies around the Cities to provide information on the impact of air pollution in Finland.

As a way of testing our equipment we measured the Shopping Center Skanssi, on the edge of Turku, located next to the highway to Helsinki. We used a backpack with sensors to walk the area to get a detailed view of the air quality, and this second time we specifically walked over the bridge across the highway. Jatka lukemista “Does the highway next to a local shopping mall impacts its air quality?”

Second real-estate property measured: Old Kakola prison

One of the areas being developed in Turku is the old Kakola prison. Not only are there many new residential building being constructed, the old prison itself is also being transformed for use by businesses.

In 2008, Turku’s waste-water treatment plant had moved from an outdoor location with open reservoirs, to become situated inside Kakola hill. As new residents might be concerned about the long chimney that is evidence of the presence of the plant, UrbanZee measured the area for the first time.

Jatka lukemista “Second real-estate property measured: Old Kakola prison”

Turku measured in detail for the second time

With the test we had done before, we now have a better understanding on how to perform city-wide measurements. Yesterday, we performed our second run measuring a large part of Turku in detail. The results are not as surprising as from our first city-wide test, but still interesting. As expected most of Turku is very clean, and the usual areas with more traffic show up as having pollution. Jatka lukemista “Turku measured in detail for the second time”

First real-estate property measured: Turku castle

With the capability of being able to walk around to measure individual buildings, we decided to use Turku castle, which is a well known location in Turku. The castle is also located next to the harbour, which sees both freight as well as large cruise ships on a daily basis. As ships use a different type of fuel than cars do, and are of course larger, it is expected that the air quality at the harbour might not always be ideal. Jatka lukemista “First real-estate property measured: Turku castle”

Did you know – every year 7 million people die because of air pollution?

A report from WHO (World Health Organisation) states that air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths around the world every year.

Pollution has become the greatest environmental health risk contributing to one of every eight deaths. Outdoor pollution contributes to 3,7 million deaths (80 % being related to strokes and heart diseases). Jatka lukemista “Did you know – every year 7 million people die because of air pollution?”