Air quality is measured in many cities around the world by local governments. But as these sensors are expensive and therefore sparsely deployed, the is a need to know local air quality more precisely, such as a single street or neighbourhood. In other regions and cities around the world there is no measuring taking place, but many citizens are concerned as it is clear pollution exists.

There a is an opportunity in these circumstances to perform hyperlocal measurements for concerned citizens, local businesses and other organisation. Our solution not only provides detailed information on air pollution, but also gives people choices and means to address the problem of air pollution.

Franchise concept

UrbanZee provides all the needed infrastructure, sensors, management tools, mobile App, and brand for our franchisees to be successful in their local markets.

Our franchises each are exclusively assigned to a city or part of a city. They perform all local measurements and use their local expertise to develop and execute marketing activities and build grass-roots communities using the UrbanZee tools. They are provided with several sensor deployment options that gives them to flexibility to adjust to local needs while controlling costs.

Becoming a franchisee

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee in your local community, you can contact the CEO Aschwin van der Woude.

All franchisee will pay for an initial starter package, which includes:

  • One sensor device connected to UrbanZee’s infrastructure
  • Training on how to perform measurements with each deployment model
  • Access to management tools including remote sensor management, and customising the local offering through the mobile App.