First real-estate property measured: Turku castle

With the capability of being able to walk around to measure individual buildings, we decided to use Turku castle, which is a well known location in Turku. The castle is also located next to the harbour, which sees both freight as well as large cruise ships on a daily basis. As ships use a different type of fuel than cars do, and are of course larger, it is expected that the air quality at the harbour might not always be ideal. 继续阅读“First real-estate property measured: Turku castle”

Did you know – every year 7 million people die because of air pollution?

A report from WHO (World Health Organisation) states that air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths around the world every year.

Pollution has become the greatest environmental health risk contributing to one of every eight deaths. Outdoor pollution contributes to 3,7 million deaths (80 % being related to strokes and heart diseases). 继续阅读“Did you know – every year 7 million people die because of air pollution?”

Air quality is a global problem needing local solutions

Over 2.1 billion people worldwide, or 53% of the world population, live in one of the 1022 urban areas around the world that have more than half a million inhabitants.

All this concentrated economic activity generates a burden on our environment, which is something that our global communities are trying to address, as seen in hard-won agreements such as the Copenhagen Accord in 2009 and the Paris climate agreement in 2016. But we as peoples need to become more involved ourselves. 继续阅读“Air quality is a global problem needing local solutions”